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Troubleshooting: PowerStar AE3.4, AE7.2, AE9.5, AE12

To troubleshoot your PowerStar AE Point-of-Use Series, please click on one of the following troubleshooting topics below (click again to collapse the topic):

No Neon Light, No Hot Water>
  1. Be certain power and breaker at panel box are on.
  2. Water supply to unit must be connected to proper fitting. Fitting closest to drain plug.
  3. The high temperature thermal cut-out has been triggered. Turn off power to unit , remove front cover and reset thermal cut-out. Location of thermal cut-out. Thermal cut-out button should push in and click, if it does not but rather feels stiff and wobbly then it is not the problem.
  4. If the power and reset are all right then the flow switch in the heater needs to be inspected. See diagram. The unit may be mounted on wall in a different orientation then this diagram but in this diagram the plastic (white or black) plunger with screw on the stem needs to move laterally to the left with sufficient water flow. Best to test by leaving faucet open and controlling water flow to heater with an inlet or outlet service valve directly before or after the heater, this way the flow switch can be observed. If water continues to flow at sink while service valve is turned off then this plumbing error will prevent the flow switch from pressurizing and needs to be corrected. If plumbing is all right but the flow switch doesn't move then either the flow is insufficient or the flow switch is stuck from use or water quality. Improve flow rate by cleaning filter screen and aerator screen at sink, also remove aerator screen/restrictor at sink to improve flow as a test. Location of filter screen, marked filter plug.

Water is Too Hot >
  1. Inlet water is preheated. This unit does not recognize preheated water and is designed to be plumbed with cold water.
  2. The PowerStar will boost inlet water temperature as water flows through it. To lower outlet temperature first position the selector screw to the LO setting. See diagram with LO and HI markings. Turn off power, remove front cover, loosen selector screw and then slide all the way to LO setting and retighten. Selector screw has to be positioned to either end of slot, do not position it midway. If temperatures are now too cool then it is best to put screw back to HI setting and follow step 3.
  3. The rate of water flow will effect the outlet temperature, the greater it is the less time the heater is capable of heating as it passes through it. Increase flow rate by cleaning filter screen, aerator screen at sink and check to be sure inlet and outlet service valves are fully open. Removing restrictors at faucet will also increase flow rate. Location of filter screen, marked filter plug.

Water is Not Hot Enough>
  1. Check selector screw's position. Turn off power and remove front cover to check. If on LO then loosen selector screw and slide all the way to the HI setting, retighten selector screw.
  2. Lower the flow rate at the sink to increase water temperature or adjust the outlet service valve until the water comes out of the tap at the required temperature. Check possible temperature rise per model and flow rate at Specification table.
  3. Models AE7.2 / AE9.5 have two venturis which are responsible for activating the heater when water is turned on. These listed units come with a 3/4 gpm minimum flow rate venturi (activator), which sits at the top of spring shown below. An alternate 1/2 gpm is also provided in these listed heaters, which sits at the bottom of spring shown below, and can be swapped to keep unit activated with a lower flow rate. You must also switch selector screw (see step 2). The Model AE3.4 only has a 1/2 gpm venturi. Remove drain plug to access, see diagram.

Hot Water Temperature Fluctuates at Tap >
  1. While running hot water observe the neon light on the front of unit. The light should remain on during hot water use, if it goes out then likely the water pressure is fluctuating, flow rate is barely sufficient and causing the flow switch to cycle on and off or the inlet water temperature is warm or hot and the unit is cycling its low thermal cut-out to prevent the unit from overheating. To improve flow rate, check to be sure inlet and outlet service valves are not tightened too much, clean inlet fitler screen and faucet aerator screen. Removing restrictors at faucet will also increase flow rate. Location of filter screen, marked filter plug.
  2. If inlet water is warm because of climate or season then it is recommended that the selector screw in heater be positioned to the LO setting. Turn off power, remove front cover and loosen selector screw. Then slide screw to LO setting all the way and retighten. NOTE: this heater is designed to be plumbed with cold water and is not designed to be used as a booster, do not plumb unit with preheated water.